Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have said this probably 100 times before, but I've begun writing a new story. The working title I am going with is, "The Other Lives, Ending." It is about a man on a cruise ship who is forced the relive the day it sank and he died over, and over, and over, and over, for what seems to be the entirety of eternity. He also loses his girlfriend. He begins to think there was some sort of conspiracy on the boat and that it sinking was not an accident, and decides he must unravel this plot, and as he does so he convinces himself he can rest and go to the afterlife if he solves this 'case.'

I want to make this seem very much about reactions, and not a fantasy or sci-fi story, though surely there will be those speculative elements. What I'm concerning myself is how this man develops as a human being while the other people he knows stay the same. He begins to fall in love with someone else, but his girlfriend does not see this growth and so one day he wakes up, and she's still the same, but he is someone completely different. How would that feel? How can that work? These are the questions I want to answer. Hopefully the story will be quite surreal and maybe open a few linear minds about the leniency of time. I know I can't believe that time is linear, or even exists for certain.

Also, no post would be compelte without a little angst, so here you go. I am lonely and am going to go look for a ladyfriend soon. I would like someone I could spend days locked in my room with talking about books and movies and boucning stories around with.

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