Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garbage dump, Oh garbage dump, why are you called a Garbage dump

I took my mechanical pencil and touched the graphite and clay bit to a bunch of bonded together wood polymers and those things happened.

I used to do lots and lots of digital artwork and show it to no one because, frankly, they were terrible. Most of them are gone forever because I destroyed them. Some may be found at www.monsieurrat.deviantart.com or my Camp North account. I'm too lazy to look up the link to that right now.

No longer do I create digital art, as my cheap second-rate tablet has drawn its final breath. Yes, terrible, shameless pun. I might buy a new tablet soon, but I'd rather save and bide my time and get a tablet PC, or if the Gods so wish, a Cintiq. I'll likely get neither however, as I am but a poor traveler down life's dusty paths.

To the no-one who is reading this, haha you don't exist! Seriously though, I go to Sheridan College and take Art Fundamentals and will send in a horrible portfolio later to apply for their Animation program.

Ducks are coming.

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