Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love you, wife

Ok, I though about making this post a huge review of Ed Harris' adaptation of Appaloosa, but instead I am going to post a bunch of old pictures I found on my Dad's hard drive while I was visiting for Canadian Thanksgiving. Appaloosa WAS great though.

This is me at, I shit you not, 13 years old. The first week I lived in my new house when my family moved to Germany.

Here I am, at the same age, with my Grandmother and brother a few months later.

Here I am sitting on the edge of a cliff on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I am 14.

This was a turning point year, I guess. Freshly 14 and I got my first tablet only hours before this photo was taken. I think.

That summer, we went to Port Grimaud and St. Tropez in France. We also visited Monaco where I realized that I will never be rich.

I am of Italian descent and love everything Italian. For my birthday one year, I grabbed a friend and we headed to Rome. Good times were had, my brother got drunk, the apartment was tiny, and man that food was fantastic.

After Rome was the family trip to Tunisia. Hey look at me! I was 15 and actually looked it!

That's right, I got to ride a goddamn camel in Tunisia. Rock, the fuck, On!

I had planned on skipping Prom entirely, but my ladyfriend at the time (the very talented writer Teri Matheson) forced it upon me. This is what I wore. We went in Grade 11, and she moved that summer, and so without the shackles around my wrist, I skipped prom my senior year. I think I am 16 in these, maybe I was still 15 though. I'm not good with numbers.

The final family trip was to Egypt. We went on a Nile cruise thing. Some Polish girl who was far younger than I decided she had a crush on me and followed me all over the boat. Her dad even came to me and tried to get me to dance with her one night when I was tired and sick.

When I finally graduated high school, I opted to not go to the graduation ceremony at all. I was the only student not to attend. Even kids who didn't graduate went to the ceremony. I was proud of myself. So, instead of all that pretentious pomp and ceremony wasting my time, my friend Spencer came by and we had a graduation ceremony of out own. Much of that evening was spent dancing to SexyBack and sipping very bad rum.

After I graduated I flew to Rhodes with a few of my friends where we spent a week drinking lots, and lots, and lots.

Upon returning from Greece, my family and I packed our shit up and moved back to Canada. This photo is actually from a few months previous on a house hunting trip, but this is the house.

That year instead of going to college I got a job as a host in a restaurant, and quickly moved up to being the big man behind the bar making drinks (actually almost exclusively milkshakes). I was 18 and ready to make money.

Now I live in Oakville, Ontario and go to Sheridan College and have no money. Funny how these things work.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have said this probably 100 times before, but I've begun writing a new story. The working title I am going with is, "The Other Lives, Ending." It is about a man on a cruise ship who is forced the relive the day it sank and he died over, and over, and over, and over, for what seems to be the entirety of eternity. He also loses his girlfriend. He begins to think there was some sort of conspiracy on the boat and that it sinking was not an accident, and decides he must unravel this plot, and as he does so he convinces himself he can rest and go to the afterlife if he solves this 'case.'

I want to make this seem very much about reactions, and not a fantasy or sci-fi story, though surely there will be those speculative elements. What I'm concerning myself is how this man develops as a human being while the other people he knows stay the same. He begins to fall in love with someone else, but his girlfriend does not see this growth and so one day he wakes up, and she's still the same, but he is someone completely different. How would that feel? How can that work? These are the questions I want to answer. Hopefully the story will be quite surreal and maybe open a few linear minds about the leniency of time. I know I can't believe that time is linear, or even exists for certain.

Also, no post would be compelte without a little angst, so here you go. I am lonely and am going to go look for a ladyfriend soon. I would like someone I could spend days locked in my room with talking about books and movies and boucning stories around with.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garbage dump, Oh garbage dump, why are you called a Garbage dump

I took my mechanical pencil and touched the graphite and clay bit to a bunch of bonded together wood polymers and those things happened.

I used to do lots and lots of digital artwork and show it to no one because, frankly, they were terrible. Most of them are gone forever because I destroyed them. Some may be found at www.monsieurrat.deviantart.com or my Camp North account. I'm too lazy to look up the link to that right now.

No longer do I create digital art, as my cheap second-rate tablet has drawn its final breath. Yes, terrible, shameless pun. I might buy a new tablet soon, but I'd rather save and bide my time and get a tablet PC, or if the Gods so wish, a Cintiq. I'll likely get neither however, as I am but a poor traveler down life's dusty paths.

To the no-one who is reading this, haha you don't exist! Seriously though, I go to Sheridan College and take Art Fundamentals and will send in a horrible portfolio later to apply for their Animation program.

Ducks are coming.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hello fine citizens of the internet, I come to you a broken, sobbing mess. A tree that sounds like Bill Cosby has eaten Thornsby Snobbington of Upper Lower Snootsworth Mills. A dark black shadow that is very distinctly white has descended upon our fair city of Upper Lower Snootsworth Mills.

Also, butts. I may post drawings, angst, and angsty drawings that are so angsty and drawingy that you'd surely burn in hell at the act of denying the angst or the drawingst.

Also, also, sometimes I might write long pretentious overblown self-righteous pig-headed wordy movie reviews.